HuMetricsHSS: Can (Should) We Develop Humane Metrics for the Humanities?

This post was originally written by Adriel Trott, Associate Professor in Philosophy at Wabash College and participant in the HuMetricsHSS “The Value of Values” (#hssvalues) workshop. It reflects her experiences of the event. We’ve cross-posted this from Adriel’s blog, with her…

On Living Our Values While Under Stress (and Preparing for Workshop One)

The real work of the HuMetricsHSS initiative begins in Michigan this week, when an insightful group of thinkers—faculty members of all ranks, teaching in any number of HSS disciplines at all kinds of institutions, along with administrators, graduate students, university publishers, and librarians—has agreed to come together to rip apart, interrogate, and rebuild that values framework, to come to a consensus on the values we share as a larger group.